VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

With electronic toys becoming more of a hands down choice for many kids, manufacturers are trying to develop devices that not only are fun to play with but also are quite educational. After all, mixing fun with learning makes it easy for kids at an early age to grasp ideas and develop their knowledge. This […]

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Rorys Story Cubes

Creativity is something that kids need to learn as they grow up. It is something that can be nurtured by using toys that help develop it. There are toys like Rory’s Story Cubes that can do exactly that. The Rory’s Story Cubes is a fun and creative way for kids to develop their imaginations while […]

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Space Messenger Flying Message Writer

Some toys are made just for fun. Some are made to impress. But then there are also those that are designed to help give some added function that also makes the toy fun and impressive to play with. Having the Space Messenger Flying Message Writer does really just that. The Space Messenger Flying Message Writer […]

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ArchiBlox Chateau De Chambord Magnetic Architecture Puzzle

Toys are not just meant to be fun and enjoyable to play with. There are toys that also help enrich and develop creativity and imagination in kids. Building blocks are just one example of toys that can offer such learning activity. But for parents who wish to be more specific in their kid’s development especially […]

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6 AXES GYRO RC Somersault UFO

For many kids, playing with a remote control flying machine will always be fascinating. But sometimes, such toys can be quite expensive to have, not to mention also requiring a higher learning curve to master. But the latter is something that kids can easily deal with. It is the price that is left for the […]

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