My First Draw n Dabble Easel

Kids really like to draw all the time. They usually have this inclination the very first time that they can hold on to pens and pencils and learn how to use them. Budding artists most especially can find that drawing is their interest and they continue on to further develop this early skill. In order to encourage a budding artist to develop his or her own skill at drawing, parents can use this My First Draw ‘n Dabble Easel as a starting point.

The My First Draw ‘n Dabble Easel is designed as a way for kids to develop their skill at drawing, even at an early age. It features a durable easel with a large clip that can hold the paper in place as kids draw on it. It also comes with a tray to place the pens, pencils, eraser and brushes so that they do not scatter around. The My First Draw ‘n Dabble Easel is the ideal toy for kids who like to draw and for parents to develop this skill on them even at a very early age. It is available at Toys R Us for US$ 40.

Image Source: Toys R Us
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