H Rover The Water Powered RC Vehicle

Toys nowadays are becoming more advanced. And recently, toys have become the primary adopters of new technologies before they ever become available in real life applications. One of such technologies revolves around the use of fuel cells which may not yet be available for life size applications but are already in wide use for toys. One of the recent ones is the H Rover, the water powered RC rover.

The H Rover from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is an interesting toy in that it is powered by a pair of fuel cells. It can be charged up for power using only water. But the fuel cells can provide enough power to get the H Rover to move as well as stream video feeds from its camera into your smartphone. A wireless Bluetooth connection enables users to control the H Rover. The new H Rover fuel cell toy is set to come out sometime this year. It is expected to cost around US$ 800 for kids to get some firsthand experience on how fuel cells can power toys of the future.

Image Source: Gizmodo
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