Mindware SmartMax Basic Magnetic Building Set

It is important for kids to nurture and develop their creativity at a very early age. This will help ensure that the skill and talent is exercised. There are different toys available that help kids hone their creativity while having fun doing it. One example is this Mindware SmartMax Basic Magnetic Building Set. The Mindware […]

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Adafruit Circuit Playground Plushies

Kids like to play with toys that capture their imagination. Plushies out of cartoon characters are all too common for come kids to even take some interest in. But just to give kids a unique choice for plushies in the market, Adafruit has come up with the Circuit Playground Plushies that may be totally unlike […]

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Ematic FunTab Mini Tablet For Kids

Most tablets out there are designed for adults and based from their perspective. But as kids become interested in playing with these gadgets as their parents are using them, it won’t take long before the kids will set their eyes on having their own tablet to play with. And with parents not prepared to give […]

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Griffin Crayola Light Marker for iPad

Kids these days no longer just write or draw on simple paper. Technology nowadays allows them to write and draw on touchscreen surfaces of tablets. Not only does it save up on paper, kids dig using something new for writing and drawing. To make things more interesting, Griffin has come up with the Crayola Light […]

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