Mindware SmartMax Basic Magnetic Building Set

It is important for kids to nurture and develop their creativity at a very early age. This will help ensure that the skill and talent is exercised. There are different toys available that help kids hone their creativity while having fun doing it. One example is this Mindware SmartMax Basic Magnetic Building Set.

The Mindware SmartMax Basic Magnetic Building Set is a toy consisting of 36 giant magnetic pieces that kids can assemble in many different ways. Kids can create from simple lines to and shapes by connecting the series of magnetic balls and brightly colored bars. Once kids get the hang of it, they can now start building complex shapes, limited only by their imagination and creativity.

The Mindware SmartMax Basic offers kids with a fun way to develop their creativity and helps them get their building ideas into fruition. The toy set comes with a full -color instruction guide that provides kids with building ideas to start off with. It is a good toy set to give for kids with the promise of becoming future architects, engineers or artists. The Mindware SmartMax Basic is designed for kids from a year old and above. It is available at Mindware for US$ 80.

Image Source: Mindware
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