Ematic FunTab Mini Tablet For Kids

Most tablets out there are designed for adults and based from their perspective. But as kids become interested in playing with these gadgets as their parents are using them, it won’t take long before the kids will set their eyes on having their own tablet to play with. And with parents not prepared to give in their own tablet time, they may want to look for tablet alternatives designed specifically for kids. The new Ematic FunTab Mini Tablet is just what most parents would want to look for.

The Ematic FunTab Mini Tablet is a 4-inch screen tablet ideal for kids and toddlers for use. It comes with a 1GHz processor and a dedicated GPU with 512MB DDR3 RAM. It also comes with a 4GB internal flash memory with up to 32GB of external MicroSD card storage. It runs on Android 4.0 OS with Zoodles Kid Mode Interface. It is designed as an educational tablet that also allows parents to keep track of their kid’s progress.

The Ematic FunTab Mini enriches the kid’s creativity with the Art Studio feature. It also encourages reading and learning with kid’s digital storybooks that allows parents to record their own special reading for kids to enjoy. There are also lots of fun educational games pre-loaded into the tablet along with top Android apps that kids would surely enjoy. What’s more, the Ematic FunTab Mini is available for just US$ 60, affordable enough that even a parent would not have a second thought buying it.

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