Adafruit Circuit Playground Plushies

Kids like to play with toys that capture their imagination. Plushies out of cartoon characters are all too common for come kids to even take some interest in. But just to give kids a unique choice for plushies in the market, Adafruit has come up with the Circuit Playground Plushies that may be totally unlike what you have seen before.

The Adafruit Circuit Playground Plushies are actually not your typical cure plush toys. The main reason is that these lovable and cuddly characters are based on electronic components, usually only familiar with geeks and electronic enthusiasts. The plush toys come in different forms- there are cuddly plushies based on LED, transistors, resistors, capacitors and even a timing chip.

Adafruit has done a good job in trying to create cute characters out of seemingly boring pieces of electronic components. Its unique approach to creating characters for plushies gives kids a chance to know about these electronic components at an early age. You can say that the Circuit Playground Plushies helps teach kids the basics of electronics in a fun way, making them the toy for those budding electronics engineers or future inventors. The Adafruit Circuit Playground Plushies is designed for kids from three years old and above. This set of plush toys is now available at Adafruit for US$ 10 for each character.

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