Virtual And Terrestrial Battling Robots

Boys, even at a young age usually like to compete with each other. That is why toys that they like are those that usually battle with each other. It can be toy race cars or even fighting action figures. But what those boys usually look forward to is the competition and always coming out on top. And it may be because of this that boys would find the Virtual and Terrestrial Battling Robots fascinating when they see it.

The Virtual and Terrestrial Battling Robots are small remote controlled robots that kids can use to fight with each other. It will be a matter on who has the best robot and being the best player who controls it. These robots can be made to enter into some intergalactic combat. But it may not be as violent as most parents may think.

The Virtual and Terrestrial Battling Robots come with two wheels as their primary means of moving around. The two-wheeled robots rely on radio frequency in order for players to control them and to do battle with other robots. Weapons also come in the form of radio frequency waves which also generate explosive sounds on the robots whenever a hit is made. Effective hits are then being logged as LED’s displayed on the remote control.

Not only that, the unique robots can also be connected to a PC via a USB cable. When connected online, a website is then able to create avatars for each robot. The battle then moves into the virtual world as players can now do battle in an online video game. Weapons can be upgraded and downloaded into the robot based on the number of terrestrial battles that it has won. The Virtual and Terrestrial Battling Robots are powered by 4 AAA batteries while the remote control requires another set of 3 AAA batteries. It is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for around US$ 100.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer
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