Rirakkuma Bear Earthquake Kit

In a situation where disaster may strike, it pays to always come prepared. Adults may have the sense to think and clearly decide when such instances occur suddenly. They may be able to run and bring what things may be needed that is essential for survival. But in the case of children, this might not always be the case. But one way to help kids have that level of preparation in case disasters do happen is by giving them this Rirakkuma Bear Earthquake Kit from San X.

The Rirakkuma Bear Earthquake Kit is not just an ordinary cute and huggable stuff toy that kids would love. It also acts as a survival kit for those kids who may still be too young to think about what they need to do during disasters. With the recent natural disasters that Japan has been through, the kids need to come prepared and ready no matter what. This Rirakkuma Bear Earthquake Kit comes with survival essentials such as water, a jacket to guard against the cold, radio, whistle, penlight, basic food and others.

The next time that an earthquake or any other disaster hits, kids need not think of what to do. They only need to bring their Rirakkuma Bear Earthquake Kit and run to a safe place. After all, it is almost natural for kids to go for their toys when something comes up. This ingenious idea just makes it easier for kids to not only have their huggable companion along, but also come with the basic necessities needed to survive disasters.

Source: Akihabara News
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