Sting Bee Bluetooth Interactive Helicopter

Kids today have it easy playing with hi tech toys. They find it easy to understand and play with what some people may consider as complex toys to play with. Kids seem to find it easy to learn playing them. Toys such as the Sting Bee Bluetooth Interactive Helicopter would not be that hard for kids to learn to play with.

The Sting Bee Bluetooth Interactive Helicopter is a unique and hi tech toy that kids may find fascinating the first time they lay eyes on it. Just like many other hi tech remote controlled flying machines, they may require some time to get used to playing since kids may use a smart phone or a tablet to control the Sting Bee via Bluetooth. A free mobile app changes the tablet or smart phone into an able control module for the Sting Bee.

Users can navigate the Sting Bee to go wherever they like. The control range is around within a 10-meter or 30-feet radius. Within that area, kids can then navigate the Sting Bee. This nifty RC helicopter can also fire infrared bullets into an infrared interactive target. For a more exciting experience, kids can also control two Sting Bees to battle it out over the air shooting infrared bullets at each other. The Sting Bee has a lithium polymer battery pack that is good for up to 8 minutes of continuous flying. The Sting Bee Bluetooth Interactive Helicopter is available at BeeWi for US$ 120.

Image Source: BeeWi
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