BeeWi Mini Cooper S Bluetooth Car

Kids have a lot of fun playing with remote controlled cars. Such toys have gone through quite a lot of changes over the years. But they still have that much fun playing left in them. Just consider it as a kid’s first taste at driving at a very early age. And now, such remote controlled cars are given a bit of a modern twist with the BeeWi Mini Cooper S Bluetooth Car.

The BeeWi Mini Cooper S Bluetooth Car is a modern twist to the ever enjoyable remote controlled car by having a iOS device act as its remote control. The car is an accurate model of the classic Mini Cooper S with as much detailing similar to that of the real car. It can be controlled using an iOS device equipped with the toy’s remote control app. The remote control car can then be paired with the device via Bluetooth. Controls using the intuitive motion controls by way of the orientation sensor on the iOS device or the touchscreen buttons allow the users to drive the car wherever they want to.

The car is powered by 3 AA batteries and is good for play for up to 3 hours. That is more than enough fun for kids who may already have grown accustomed to using the iPhone or the iPad. But this time, they will be having fun using it to control this 1:20 scale Mini.
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